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wood CCB helps successful firms to recruit skilled workers and managers.
We provide discreet, confidential support for committed specialists and managers
on their career paths.

CCB - Consultancy services

  • Personnel consultancy
  • Strategic consultancy
  • Corporate succession
  • Corporate concepts
  • Sales training
  • Skills management

» Sometimes it's too late, but it's rarely too early «
» The whole is more than the sum of its parts. «

With us, the client is not "king".
As our client, you will not find that we put you on a pedestal or call you "Boss", let alone "King". Your are our partner.
This principle is fundamental to the success of our consultancy services. We will be there for you as long as you need us.
And as long as we are working with you, trust and openness will form the basis of our joint endeavour.

We have to trust one another in order to attain your targets.
"Kings" are in a unique position. Very few people dare to tell them the truth, for fear of having their head chopped off.
With us, you will be talking on equal terms, businessperson to businessperson.
One thing you can be sure of: we do know what "entrepreneurial risk" really means. We have all experienced crises in our own lives and come through them successfully.

You can't actually put a price on our services ...
... but if we work for you, you'll find us eminently affordable. We're not afraid to demand money for our work.
After all, that's what any business is about.

However, if after the initial meeting we come to the conclusion that your situation is too tight and no solution can be implemented in your particular case, we will go no further. That saves both you and us costly, nerve-racking experiences

As you can see: We take 'openness' very seriously..

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